Monday, July 24, 2006


Tonight on ABC FAMILY they showed a movie. A really good movie in fact, called FALLEN. Here is my bitch... at the end of the two hour movie, they give us the website and then say "Watch for the six hour television event coming in the summer of 2007. WHAT?!?! why on earth would they show a two hour movie now and then not have a series ready? or move chapters? this is insane to me. By then I'll read the dang books.

The movie was about an adopted boy who on the day of the movie turned 18. He begins to experiance strange things happening to him and around him. He learns he is actually a Nephilim. And there are bounty hunter warriors after him, and any other nephilim they can trackdown and destroy.
A Nephilim is actually a half-angel/half-human. When the fallen angels came to earth they mated with humans and the Nephilim are what they produced. The off-spring of the fallen angels.
There is also a BBC show called HEX that deals with Nephilims as well. But in that case the one Nephilim has concieved a child with a chosen decendent and the child is already born. And upon his birth it released the other two hundred trapped bad nephilims back into the world. Interesting, but it's no CHARMED.

This ABCFAMILY show was tame but interesting. At times a bit on the childish side, with the boy's dog being able to talk to him. He reminded me at times of Duke, the baked beans dog. lol.

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