Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Max, the cat-fish

Max has discovered the bathtub. Not only does he sit on the side and the ripples, he has taken to jumping in and playing.
Yesterday, I had maybe an inch of water in the tub, tepid not hot, and he jumped right in. I stood and watched him to see what he would do. He walked around, lifting his paws and licking the water off. Then he walked from one end to the other slapping the water with his feet. Very cute. But, aren't cats supposed to NOT like water? Another myth shot down. In fact all the cats we've ever had have liked water. We had a litter a few years ago that their mother had them, and booked, SEE YA! Never saw her again.
I had to bottle feed them, and teach them to eat out of a bowl. Well, you can imagine what a icky mess four kittens would be after eating baby cereal...I taught them to walk into the bathroom after they were finished and wait by the tub. After each meal, they took a bath. They weren't overly happy about it at first, but they went along with it fine. And those cats still play in the water.
My married daughter has one of them and she says he stands in the shower and lays in the sink to catch the water on his tongue.

Strange animals. But, again, they do belong to me.

Hey, I just had a thought...Max is a different color but could he be the dinosaur creature I dreamt about who swam in the tub in the dream I had a while back? hmmm.

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