Saturday, July 15, 2006


Welcome to Chicago, and the heats of Hell.



The Gay Games have arrived, the city is bubbling with athletes and spectators. Hotels are filled, cabs are insane (still? More?) and air cooling centers have been set up all around. Probably not as many as there should be.
Today's temp hit near 100 with a heat index at least 105. And for the next few days it isn't going to be any better. Tomorrow and Monday the heat index will be up around 110. I feel horrible for all the athletes who have trained and waited for these games, only to have to fight the heat along with competition.

Good Luck to everyone.

And Hot Toddy has arrived. He called this morning to ask me to call the Mayors Office to tell them to PLEASE TURN DOWN THE HEAT! I did what I could, but our Mayor has other more important things to do. Like...Digging up plane runways to keep terrorists from attacking Navy Pier or the gold coast. Hmmm, those rich folks don't need protecting, hell they could just bitch and complain the terrorists into surrender.

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