Saturday, July 01, 2006

Strange things I've seen

I've seen some strange things, and have been seen as well.

Yesterday coming home from an afternoon class with my spirit teacher there was a red Rhode island red chicken just walking down the side of the road.
There is no joke about why the chicken crossed the road. She already was across and leaving town.
I have no idea where she was coming from or going. But, she seemed to be moving at a good clip, she must have had someplace important to be today.

And this morning, my new neighbors saw me in my underwear. Now, that is something NO one needs to see, let alone the neighbors with the horses. You already know my take on people who own and show horses, so, I was shocked, but not as shocked as she was.

My two black labs have gotten into the habit of going out around midnight, or one and not coming home till six or seven in the morning. I've had to walk down the half mile in the morning to bring them back home. They either are walking through the sub division or just running, playing in the horse peoples yard. I'm terrified they will cause some damage and try not to let them out together. For some reason if they are separated, they don't run. The antisocial dog just is nuts, and I do think he's gonna have to go, or I'm next in line for the dog whisperer.

This morning, while I was still in bed, I heard them all barking. The bark that says..."We're eating the garbage man, you don't mind do you?" I jumped up and ran to the door. Never expecting to come face to face with our neighbor. She was as surprised as I was to see I was in my tee shirt and undies. I tried to slide out to the side of the door, but it didn't work well.
She was coming to tell me that she had come home to find my dogs stealing her downspout off her gutters. This is the second time she said that they've stolen them. Why? I have no freakin idea. I haven't seen them around anyplace.
I did have some weird black rubber box thing, that I sent Megan down with on her way into town, to see if that was hers? Nope, no here's, and it turned out to be a rat trap. I have no idea now where they have stolen that from. Geesh.
She said, they have lots of rabbits, which obviously the dogs chase, and the bunnies run up into the black gutter things to hide, and the dog just pulls them off. I guess I'm gonna have to go out and look in the field to see if I can find pieces of the neighborhood that my klepto dogs have stolen.

This is the same dog who holds the old neighbors hostage. But, I'm still holding out that someday, they will be found out to be terrorists and my dog was the only one who knew. He will be a hero. Really, he is. A hero perhaps that steals everything he can get his sticky little paws on though.

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