Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Last night, I won ten dollars. I did.

The next town over from ours always has a small 'festival' for the forth of July. It is always held in Firemen's Park, which is separated by a paved parking lot next to…the fire station. Hence, the name Firemen's park. Get it? I was sure you would.

Any how, they have a few booths, the ladies this or that sell raffle tickets for any number of things, the car dealership raffles off a car or truck. And they have a different band each night. There are about ten or twelve lame rides, put together by a rag tag group of carneys I wouldn't let work on anything I valued, but we allow our children to ride dangerous rides that might kill them, built by same said men. Oy.

They also have BINGO. I love bingo, for the record. I went tonight because, let's face it, there isn't any thing else to do around here, so, lets go play fifty cent BINGO.

Sitting next to me were a few ladies, one got up to go and get a soda or something and when she came back, the chair bite her. Ok, you know the chairs I am gonna talk about. The ugly wooden brown ones? The ones that your grandma had stashed away in the garage or basement and only pulled them out for Christmas or Easter dinner? The same ones used in every church basement from Seattle to the Florida Keys. Well, she went to pull it out, and it closed on her finger. HARD. She winced, moaned, held her finger and tried to make due. Finally, she showed it to one of the bingo guys. Who by the way tonight were all public school employees. You could tell too. Our card guy had on white shorts down to his knees with a stripped shirt. Science teacher. You just could tell. The caller: he kept cracking the lamest jokes known to man. PE teacher or maybe math.

Anyhow, the science guy went to look for a band aid. He came back and told her he couldn't find one, but he had called over to the fire house, and they were gonna bring one over. Now, I state again, it is on the other side of the parking lot. They could have walked it over in two minutes. Nope. They came out of the station in the ambulance with lights flashing, and drove over to the bingo tent.
The ladies friends all got up and left. Certain of the humiliation to follow. I started to laugh. "Is this for you?" I pointed at the ambulance coming towards us, and she moaned louder and hung her head in shame.
They pulled up, and started to unload. She couldn't take it any more, jumped up and ran over pointing at her hurt finger. We all were practically in stitches, when she walked back with a band aid on her finger. They loaded up the ambulance and went back across the parking lot.

They must have been bored!

The next game was a free game of bingo. And I won it. TEN whole dollars. I then spent half of it on a raffle ticket for the pickup truck. Boy, that would make my day. A pickup truck with BRICKYARD racing shit on the door.

Man, I would be so envied around here.

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