Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hi ya

Ok, it is five am. I'm trying to find something do besides not sleep. I was watching an old movie with Judd Hirsch WITHOUT A TRACE. I'm assuming this is what the tv show is based on. I was an hour and forty minutes into a two hour movie, when nature decided to let the sky's open up and believe me hell actually has fury like a pissed off mother nature. Cable went kaput, never did see the last twenty minutes of the movie. I'm guessing the little boy was alive, and his mother did get him back, and that the gay guy really didn't have anything to do with it, but perhaps the little boys fathers new girlfriend did. I guess I'll have to see if it ever airs again.

Today, I scraped old old paint off the porch. Must have been on there so long, wood came off with the paint. I can see a trip to Home Depot soon, to buy a new post to hold my porch roof up. Wonder who will come and do this job? Hmm I don't know either.

Then I made mini cupcakes for the coven. I mean 'spirit group' it's my turn to bring treats. Blessed be, ya'all Blessed be.
Jodie, I'm kidding. I swear I haven't joined any cult, or become a wiccan. But, I do really like the capes and the cool hats. You should come to a meeting, I mean 'class' sometime. lol.

I have a new kitty. Will be trying to up load some pics of him soon. He's a little 8 week old solid black ball of crazy. He actually looks like a bat. He has really cool black eyes, and sharp little fangs.
When I brought him home, the dogs gathered round to check out the new house member, said hello and walked away un-impressed. The kitten, who's name is Max, took an instant liking to the old dog with alzhimers. He will sit and stare at the old dog. It's almost like he's chanting. "Oh, ancient one. You are the ancient one." the old dog is loving the attention.

If Max were an ancient roman, his name would be Maximus Kittimus. He really does have an air about him. I'm really digging him.

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