Monday, August 21, 2006

New happenings in my life.

I am now on a new allergy med, ZYRTEC, to see if it might help with the Vertigo, and knock on wood it does seem to be helping.
Six days into the fair I had a bad attack. Couldn't come back for two days. The doctor thought maybe, perhaps, outside chance, but probably not... Gee I think he might need to take something for that...
Thought/guessed that it had been tripped by being surrounded by all the animals. Could be, who knows. Or it could have been that potato covered in cheese, or the upteemth elephant ear I ate or the breeze lightly blowing forty miles away, who knows, I surely don't. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it seems to keep the vertigo at bay, granted only at bay a few feet. It always seems to be sneaking around someplace to just waiting to jumped me at some un-suspecting moment.

I got a job today. I've really wanted this part time job. It's at KOHLS. The department store. It is brand new and they won't even have the keys until Friday.
I applied last week and they did call and check my references and friends. So, I thought I had made a good impression. Over the three days they took applications they saw 1500 people. Yep, 1500. Can you believe that? that just goes to show that everyone needs a job, and that there arent any.
I was one of 200 that did get one of them. I feel great. I got the hours I wanted, and I will be walking around the store doing recovery. Have no idea what else it will include but I don't care. IT WILL GET ME OUT OF MY HOUSE AND AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!! I should pay them.
Ooh and there is a 15% discount. Gotta love that. And you can use the discount on top of markdowns and sales items. Love that. I go for orination on Friday. And I guess I'll find out when we start to build the store from the floor up.
I've done that once before at a card store. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of cards. And if I never see another cabbage Patch Doll head eraser my life will be complete. It will.

Oh and I've been subpoenaed. Yep, I have to go to court on Oct 30. Can't I tell them I'm a witch and that is a holiday? Think they will buy that? No? Yeah, I didn't think so either.
Damn, I don't want to do this. I've already given my deposition, I've told them everything I can remember, but no, they won't just pay the damn woman. Why? Why do I have to be the only one who kinda saw what happened?
This happened four years ago. Shit, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night. How the hell do I know what kind of shoes this woman wore when she fell? Christ.

I was working at Dollar General. I happened to be the only one at the register and a woman leaned over a box with two or three liter bottles of coke in her arms. She became top heavy and tumbled into the shelving. Well this caused an avalanche of other shelving, with bottles rolling everywhere. When she fell she broke bones and had to taken to the hospital. Well, the company said it was her fault, her lawyer said it was the stores. And I'm stuck in the middle. The company made my life hell and I finally quit a few months later. Now four years later they have tracked me down and I have to go to court for her.
And now the other employees who were NO WHERE around, much less saw what happened, now all have different memories. They said they saw her fall, that they were just around the corner. BULLSHIT! I CALL BULLSHIT! I had to run all the way to the back of the store to find my manager.
And now I have to go and tell a judge and jury this. I HATE THIS!
Oh, and do you want to know how much my time is worth? $37.27. Yep, twenty dollars for me to sit there, and 17.27 for mileage. By October 30, gas might by 17.27.

I still think I can get away with the witch defense.

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