Saturday, August 19, 2006

Recurring dream

I've had a variation on the same stupid dream for years. Not the one where you go to school naked, or aren't prepared for the big test...
But I am going to school, high school, even though I know I've already graduated the year before. No one else seems to notice or care that I don't belong there, that I've already done all this and don't need to take any more high school classes.

In one part I am in the office trying to figure out where exactly I should be? I have no idea what class I should be going to, or for that matter I have no idea what ANY of my classes are. I'm totally confused and lost.

In another similar dream, I am in school when I shouldn't be but I can't remember what order my classes are in and I know I haven't been to a math class or something in months and I'm terrified that when I do go into this class I will have no idea what they are doing.

Last night I was back in school again, but this time I am my age now and no one noticed that I was way to old to be in high school. I walked around trying to figure out where or what I should be doing but this time I didn't feel scared, more interested in what everyone else was doing.

I've wondered lately if this is because I have a daughter who is a senior this year and is talking collage and schools and going away...(locking her in and not letting her out till she's at least 36) but after thinking about it today I realized I've been having these same dreams for years. And they are always ALWAYS so frustrating when I wake up because even in the dreams I keep saying to myself or anyone else who will listen that I don't belong there that I'VE ALREADY DONE THIS! I'VE GRADUATED LAST YEAR, WHY AM I STILL HERE?

So tell me dream experts what do these dreams mean?

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