Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Weather

Ok, I know it is October. I also know the weather can change at a drop of a hat. But come on people! One day it is eighty and wonderful. By nightfall it is breezy and by midnight it is tornado alley. Yep, we had tornado weather.

I came out of Kohls and it was wonderful, a warm breeze. Lightening lit up the sky, a lightshow I have never seen. It would light up in a electric blue. Then a few seconds later a tan color. It was amazing. As I got closer to home it was more windy. The trees were bent over touching the ground. The tornado formed over my house I'm told but didn't come all the way down. It did form on the other side of town, it ripped up trees and knocked down powerlines.

No school for our town and two towns next to us. It also blew apart the grain elevator.
Today the weather is seventy. Tonight it is gonna be 39. Yes, thirty freaking nine. What the hell? Mother nature needs to pick a season and go with it for pete sakes.

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