Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yesterday was Salsa Day

Yesterday was Salsa day. No not national Salsa day. Or even Salsa Day in the lunchroom. Jodie and I did our fall Salsa making. We had two and half bushels of Tomatoes. Onions, peppers, hot peppers and assorted other goodies. Not to mention all the jars, canners and items needed to make all this goodness.

You begin by blanching the tomatoes. This takes a few hours with all those tomatoes. Pan after pan. You peel them, core them, squash them and move onto the next dozen cooling in cold water.

It breaks down this way. In two large stock pots we add in each...

forty cups of tomatoes
fifteen cups of onions
fifteen cups of green peppers.
cider vinegar
two cups of hot peppers

And then you stir till you can't stir anymore. Then you begin the canning part.

It took about ten hours. We ended up with 28 jars each of salsa. Then with the extra tomatoes we did whole tomatoes. Four or five jars each of those.

Now in a month and a half, we do another ten hours of cookie making. Man, that one is just so long.

Years ago I had a bumper crop of tomatoes and ended up with 80 quarts of salsa. I gave it away to everyone I knew.

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