Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dark Shadows

Hanuman mentioned Dark Shadows on his blog the other day.

and it got me to thinking. Yes, I do that sometimes. And all by myself too. Aren't you impressed? You should be.
Well, anyhow, I loved Dark Shadows. I too would run home from school to watch it with my mom. The vampires, witches, ghosts. Man it was sorta like a family reunion. lol. I loved them all. Angelique was the early version of Alexis on dynasty. Loved her. She was always stirring up trouble.

I've always been a little obsessed with Vampires. I never missed Creature Features. There was always the chance that there was a classic on. But in the sixties that was pretty much all we had. Bella, Vincent, Lon, loved them all. They were the masters.
They switched off playing monsters. Monsters, vampires, werewolves, invisible men.

And no outright blood and gore. Sure we knew it was there, but they didn't have to beat us over the head with it. We had our IMAGINATION to use. And boy did we ever. Slept with the lights on plenty after staying up late to watch some scary movie.

There was just something so sexual I think about 'THE LOOK' before the vampire bite into the neck. Sure they were gonna die, but there was always the chance they would not kill them, but make them into the living dead too. Some stories relied on the three times to make a vampire thing. Until the third bite, they were under the Vampires spell. He could call them to come to him at any time. The bitten were in between the worlds of the living and dead. But, at any time if they pissed off the master, he could just drain them and that was all she wrote. Wow, what control.
Hey, maybe that's where my Bdsm fantasies come from. Ya think? ok, too much information...

But, back to Dark Shadows. Barnabas wasn't handsome, not even cute. But there was something that made him sexy and you were drawn to him. Homely as sin, but man could he mesmerize you. lol. Vampires, go figure.

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