Monday, September 11, 2006

Mr Floor wax guy.

There is this guy who waxes the new floors at work. He has one of those zamboni type floor waxers, you know the ones, they are about as big as an old Buick? Well, he seems to always come by for a sweep with his big handy dandy tool when there are a ton of boxes, empty and stock full. We have moved them out of his way several times, all the while giving him dirty looks. He's not catching on. He just keeps coming around while we are trying to stock, fighting to keep up with the pallets or just trying to figure out those floor plans which must have been designed at some high tech facility some place, which by the way must only speak Italian and draw in cyber geek.
He will just stand there with his machine running, spitting wax this way and that while we ignore him. We finally just kick stuff out of the way and he moves on. Content in the fact that we have given in to his far superior intelligence and cunning.

Tina and I have already discussed if a human body can fit in the carboard compactor.

I'll keep you updated.

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