Monday, September 25, 2006

Good day...Except...

I slept like a log last night. Something that doesn't happen often. I woke up this morning before the kids went off to school, and then I ran into the dog with my little toe.
He just looked at me as if to say..."That was rude. Why did you do THAT?" I swear he didn't budge. And now I can't put weight on my toe. I can move it, somewhat. But the longer I walked on it today at work, the more it ached. I left an hour early, they can BITE me if they don't like it. And now I'm afraid to take my shoe off. LOL.
Gonna go and get tape to wrap it for tomorrow.
And did I mention that he's not a little dog either. He's a black lab. Probably close to 80 pounds. Almost as tall as the kitchen table. How I didn't see him, I have no idea.

This is the type of thing I'm famous for. The last time I broke something. I was fell on black ice heading for a hot tub in November. I hit the ice and did the windmill thing with my arms. I broke my foot in two places. Half my toes on the broke foot went in two different directions. This way and that. Jodie asked if that's how they normally looked? smartass. No they usually all face the same way. Geesh.

So, here's hoping this toe is just bruised.

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