Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few T.V shows I love.

A list of my favorite television shows I watch each week.
There are a few new shows that I've become enchanted with.

Heroes. NBC, Mondays. I just love this show. It really is written cleverly.

The Class. CBS Mondays. This one cracks me up.

Night Stalker. Sci fi channel, Fridays. It isn't as campy as the original, but Stewart Townsend makes up for the flaws it has.

Criminal Minds. CBS Wednesdays. I like this one.

NCIS, CBS Tuesdays. This Show crosses both the comedy and crime genres. And Michael Weatherly aint bad eye candy either.

Dexter. Showtime, Sundays. A Showtime thriller. It is both engaging and disturbing. Creepy all the way around.

Grey's Anatomy. WLS Thursdays. What can I say about this one. I love it.

Doctor Who. SCI FI Fridays.

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