Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ghosts and spirits.

As I sit here getting ready for class tonight. I'm centering myself. Trying to calm my mind and just shut off the internal dialog that has a mind of its own. No pun intended. I swear there are times that my brain and memories have detailed conversations with each other, without me saying a word. They just won't shut the hell up.

Tonight we are doing trance work. Three of us will go into a trance and give messages. This freaks me out a little. I don't like being in control. I had a really bad experience about fourteen years ago. Years and years before I worked for this same famous psychic. She put me into a meditative state. And I promptly became stuck in a dark tunnel, surrounded by nasty balls of lights. And one very angry and evil being. He stalked me, he hounded me in this tunnel. And when I tried to leave he wouldn't let me pass. I can tell ya, I was scared to death. I have it on tape someplace and you can tell the psychic was beginning to freak out when I refused to come 'back up' I just couldn't. It took a lot of work on both her and my parts to convince me to find the energy and strength to tell this 'thing' to back the hell off and that he held no power over me.
Years later I worked for a year with this same woman, who by then had become pretty famous. At least in Chicago. I traveled with her to her seances. I was the official smudge person. lol. I cleaned the negative things away from people before they went into the sacred circle for the seance.
It didn't take long for us to figure out that once she was under and talking to dead people. I was getting tons of images. I began to keep a pad of paper in front of me with a diagram with everyone's name written down where they sat. I would write down what I had 'gotten' when the medium was talking to them. They were really damn correct. I still am so surprised when I can do this. I keep thinking. "I'm making this shit up. It's all me. It's not real. Is it?"
I have to say though that there are times when I just know a medium is making it all up. It's just doesn't feel the same. And my own guides snicker in my ear. And I know the person doing the reading is full of crap. It's really hard not to laugh at them sometimes.

I'll let you guys know if Elvis comes through tonight. That is if he's not working at that 7/11 in Ohio. I swear that was him. ;)-

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