Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I hope everyone has a safe and happy night. And you all have lots of candy left over to eat yourselves. That's the best part of buying the candy. You always buy the kind YOU like best and then hope no one shows up.

We don't get Trick or Treaters out here. So, I just buy it for us. I know, I'm cheating, but my kids aren't kids anymore and they don't 'do' the bags of candy anymore.
Megan is taking a fan bus to a regional soccer game tonight, and Patrick is going to a party on the next road, a mile over. So, I guess I'm home alone with my ghosts and haunts. The usual Tuesday. ;)

Saturday night I had a strange thing happen. And I have a witness, Megan saw it too.

My living room clock runs on a battery, so it wasn't because it automatically knew to set itself back at the correct time. At one at or there abouts the clock began to run really fast. I mean an entire rotation of the second hand all the way around in about ten seconds. I stood and watched as it flew past hours and then days. Megan came in and watched it for awhile too.
It did this for exactly two hours. When it stopped it was actually only off by seven minutes of what the correct time really was.
It then ran normally and has continued to do so since. It hasn't stopped, or sped up again.
While it was doing it's thing, I went into the bathroom to check on that clock. If it had been doing the same thing, I would have thought a meteor or something was about to hit my house. Wonder who or what was trying to get my attention?

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