Friday, October 06, 2006



That was the sound my forehead made when I was banging onto my desk.
My son bought a little mp3 player. He tried to install it on my computer. My computer hated the little mp3 player. My computer doesn't play well with other devices.

Seems it has issues.

After numerous times trying to argue and coaxing my computer to allow his mp3 player to co-exist. Patrick gave up. Throwing the helpless little device down on the desk, and stormed out. Well, the computer isn't the only one with device issues.

I had gathered from both children that our computer besides being possessed wasn't allowing the mp3 because we 'I' had updated our windows media player to version 11 last week. Now, I have to agree that version 11 is on CRACK! It would only work if you were connected to the internet. It changed all my settings and was just plain obnoxious to try and use. I then had the brilliant yet flawed idea that I would uninstall version 11 (which I thought was version 10) and then download version 9. Which the mp3 player really wanted and needed to play with. After searching and investigating and trying to download the FREAKING version 9. I find out that NOPE can't do it because I have version 11. I KNOW THIS!!! Ok, take a breath.
I did uninstall 11. Giving me 10. I then tried to unistall 10 thinking I could then get 9. Nope, no deal. Ten was my number and they weren't gonna let me have nine. I then realize that 10 was the freaking version I had had before. Before mp3 player from hell came into my life.
Finally after searching for ever to find where my computer had hidden all my downloaded songs. I had the most brilliant idea ever. I WOULD READ THE INSTRUCTIONS MYSELF. What an idea. Why hadn't I thought of that before. I would read them, find out what type of blood this thing needed and from what rock I would have to get it from.
LOW AND BEHOLD the first line in the instruction booklet says..."YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSERT DISC IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS XP."
This is indeed what I have. I then had to uninstall the device software. I then kept reading. To my understanding no one who doesn't design space probes or talks to on a daily basis a traveling satellite millions of miles out in space would not understand what this little Nazi mp3 player needed. It wanted you to copy, paste, move, have sex with its little Hitler self.
By accident, I somehow managed to satisfy it. It is working. I never want to see the little bastard mp3 player again.

All I have to say is...YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM THE WASHING MACHINE. I washed and killed the last one that was left in a pants pocket. I killed it. I drowned it, I dried it and I threw away its little body that was in a dozen pieces. And little mp3 player... Remember. I liked the last one.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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