Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall is here.

Nothing much going on around here.

Except dodging combines and wagons. They are everywhere. From my own back yard to all the major roads. And by major I mean the only roads to get us from point A to point B. Most are one two lane gravel and tar byways.

You can't turn a corner without seeing piles of corn. (they have fallen off overloaded wagons on the way to the elevators, which are now open late to take in all the surplus.)

Our local radio station down in Kankakee even gives news updates, like traffic reports but for combines and elevator wait times. Yep, living in the country.
Where else can would this excuse be valid? "I'm late because I was stuck behind a combine and a bunch of loaded wagons. Couldn't get around them, they took up both lanes." and this happens all the time.
Wait times for the elevators is now over an hour. This is insane because they can fill up and dump every few hours anyhow. So, they seem to be on a load and haul your ass schedule. They always have one truck running while they fill up another.

Our fields are bare, and it looks like winter now. I bought my plastic and stables this weekend and will cover my six windows that were opened this summer. I know it seems I live in turn of the century walnut grove. And that isn't far off. Two houses ago, we even had a wood burning log stove in our living room.

Did I mention Tom and Patrick bought a beef steer and he is coming to live at our house soon? yep a real live one and its HUGE. I have no idea how long he will be here. Or where they plan on keeping the thing, besides the one barn that has holes THIS BIG all through it. The poor thing will freeze. And I will not take care of it. I did my time in hell, bottle feeding week old beef calves, with those big baby huey milk bottles.

I feel I keep living past lives. Over and over. What am I not learning?


I can hear what you're saying, you know. What was I suppose to do, let those baby cows starve to death? Allow those pigs to run free? Let those cows continued to eat the neighbors flowers?

All I know is, when I get to heaven, there better be something really wonderful waiting for me. I deserve it, damit. I've already spent my time in hell.

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