Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I forgot to mention that Patrick also had a torn lung. It somehow fixed itself after they watched waited all day Saturday, another round of xrays finally showed it had repaired itself. Amazing.
He's doing good, still moving slower than slow, and needs help doing everything. I keep having to cut tee shirts down the middle so he can get them on, then I toss them into the trash because of all the icky oozing that is taking place from his back.
He saw one of the doctors yesterday and they said he is doing great, but still have no idea how long he'll be out of commission. At least a few months though. They kept telling him, No football, No hockey, nothing that you can get hit in the head. But the doctor told him, "I think baseball would be fine in a few months. What are the chances of getting hit in the head with a baseball?" He actually said that. I wanted to smack him. Does he watch baseball? Has he ever been to see teenage boys PLAY baseball? My son, is truly my child, he can get hit with a baseball, even when he's not playing baseball. LOL. We just seem to attract weird things like that.

So, NO, NO sports at all.

I did give him the best advice I could though. "Sports might not be the most dangerous thing you have to watch out for. I would be very careful not to piss off your sister. She will clobber you and then feel really bad about it later." He laughed, but I know he knew I was serious.

Speaking of his sister. Those two fight all the time. She is twenty seven months older than him, and they have always gotten along really great, UNTIL just a few years ago. Teenagers are not nice to each other. Even if they are related to each other.
But, this weekend she made me proud. She sat with me in the ER and everytime he would cry, she would cry. She even went ahead of me on Saturday, so he would have someone in his room with him while I tried to find him comphy clothes to wear home. I arrived and found her curled up in the recliner, wrapped in a blanket watching TV with him, at 8 am.

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