Saturday, June 03, 2006

Thank You

Well, both are home now.
Coty seems good. Still can't remember much after a few minutes, but the doctors have said that should correct itself in about a week. Thank God! He also has a concussion and fractured jaw.

Patrick, came home tonight, finally. Everytime they would get ready to let him loose, something would act up. This morning, his breathing became labored and it was obvious that something wasn't right. Down to xray he went again, to find out he had a leaky lung. Air was escaping from someplace, not dangerously but enough to make it hard to breath. A few hours later it corrected itself. They finally let him come home late tonight. I'll have to go and get the scripts filled tomorrow, and I need to also get some gauze and some triple antibiotic salve. I can't remember what they said to get, I have it written down.

Boy, am I tired. I slept in a chair a couple hours today though.

Thank you all for your well wishes.

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