Sunday, June 11, 2006

Strange dream

I had a strange dream this morning. Now this in itself isn't anything unusual. I have a lot of night time strangeness happening all the time. I seem to attract ghosts and spirits all the time. But those are for another dozen posts. LOL.

In the dream I was out in a garden, and I was moving a large leafy plant. And I found underneath it three small puppy size creatures. One was already dead, another was on the verge, but the third was healthy and robust. I took the two remaining ones inside my house and took care of them. The sick one was suddenly gone from the dream so I knew he had died. But the third was healthily and fun. He began to grow quickly. He seemed to be a cross between a seal and a wiener dog. He had a seal like sleek body, with little tiny legs. He was a grayish color with no hair. And if I ran a tub of bath water, he would run through the house and jump in the water and swim under the water. He was so cute, just adorable and I really loved him.
He slept with in my bed, he followed me around everywhere I went, a pet.
The other strange thing about his appearances was that he had two objects that protruded from around his neck/collar area. They appeared to be bones/blades? Something like that. But he never tried to hurt anyone with them.

I began taking him to vets/universities/museums trying to find out what he was. No one could help me, nobody had ever seen anything like him. Finally I found a professor who turned white and couldn't get away from Dinky fast enough. Yep, I named him Dinky in the dream. The professor asked where I had found him? Had there been others? and what did 'I' think he was? I told him, and I had no idea what he was really.
The man, told me to get Dinky out of the building since he was probably disease ridden and I was totally insulted. Dinky sorta growled at him. He backed away and gave me a website to check...ONCE I WAS HOME AND AWAY FROM HIM. Wuss I thought. But, Dinky and I went home. I checked the site and sure enough there were pictures of something that looked like baby Dinkys, then larger ones, door size Dinkys. They said they were prehistoric CELIOCAMPS. And that they were viscous and large. One picture showed the creature tearing it's prey apart with those bones/blades/tusks? I looked over at my creature fast asleep on my bed, snuggled with my cat. How could something this cute become something so horrible?
And where had he come from? If he was actually prehistoric, then were did they come from?

I then woke up.

Ok, anyone want to take a stab at what this dream means? and Yep, I have tried looking up CELIOCAMP and can't find a dinosaur by that name. Maybe I'm spelling it wrong. But at full size it was about eight feet tall, he had little legs, could swim like a fish, but walked on land. All four legs were the same size. He was grayish, sleek and could run as well as swim like a seal.

And just for the record...if I find this creature living in my barn...I'm keeping him. Would make a great watch dog, dinosaur?

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