Friday, June 16, 2006

Adventures in Garage sale land.

I must have gone to a hundred garage sales over the past two days. No shit! I really love going through other peoples junk/treasure.

It was Dixie Days and our little Mayberry town and the one on either side of us, had garage sale days. I believe every senior citizen within a million miles must have come out for these.
I somehow managed to avoid being run over, trampled on and beaten to death with handbags.
I also was very proud of myself for not running over the hundred or so baby buggy's, pregnant women carrying two or three toddlers while being nine months along again. I didn't kill any of them, I'm so proud of myself. I didn't yell at not one of them to control their demon spawn or beat them with my purse, children or their mothers, or grandmothers for that matter.

I DID manage to find a few good deals and one great one.
I bought a few candle holders,for fifty cents each. I found a box of Christmas lights and garland for a dollar. I found a huge Halloween pumpkin for a dollar. (my kids teased me that all I needed was something EASTER and something RED WHITE AND BLUE and I would have all the holidays covered.) four pairs of shorts for Patrick a pair of pants, a hoodie, and sweatshirt, all from ABERCROMBIE and all for 11 bucks. But, the GREAT deal was ... Wait for it...I found an Abercrombie winter coat for him, I've seen this coat in the store for 160 bucks, I got it for 12 dollars. Woo Hoo. I love it! And it is barely worn. I bet who ever had it didn't wear it but a few times. Doesn't even look broke in.

Ok, I did say I managed not to be run over and trampled right? Well, almost. On our way home, we zipped into the drivethru of McDonald's. Oh, and my drivers window has decided not to go down. Have no freaking clue why, but it won't work, so like white trash, I had to open the door to place my order, geesh.
Anyhow, this McDonald's is a McDonald's/gas station/mini market thing. So, on the side of the drivethru they were unloading cases of beer. I was placing my order when this HUGE ASS pickup truck decides to squeeze thru between my four x four and the beer truck. He didn't make it all the way and hit my passenger side mirror. The guy just smiled, shrugged his shoulders and left. He drove off. I was PISSED. Thankfully it didn't do any real damage, just bumped it and moved the truck a little.
I can't believe he just left and didn't even stop. What an ass.

So, that was my day.

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