Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dreaming of flying

Anyone ever dream of flying?

I've had a variant of the same dream since I was a child. It usually begins with me dancing. Not just any dancing. But a cross between a sort of slow, sensual gypsy, ballet, out of body experience type of dancing. I begin by swaying, then leaning forward, dipping down to the floor. Then back up to sway and move, twirling round, feeling my skirt going this way and that. Vintage Stevie Nicks.
Soon, I am leaning and dipping all the way to the floor, faster and faster. At this point I realize that I can float just above the floor. I sway down, slowly and just stay there. I lift my feet and I am floating. I learn that if I look up, I move up. To the left, left, you get the idea.
Soon, I am flying up and down, over and around, kinda like the boys in Peter Pan. It is wonderful. I find great joy in floating down to just a few inches from the floor and hovering there. I then put my arms up, interlock my fingers and slowly roll, until I am facing the ceiling. I then float up. It really is the most wonderful feeling.
There are several flying dreams. One is outside, on another planet. Where there are mountains that aren't mountains at all, a purple sky and A gulf that can't be crossed without flying across it. But, I do it easily.

I wonder what the flying represents? Freedom? Undefined joy? I'm not sure.

Right before I awake, my last thought as I am flying is: When am I gonna really be able to do that? I can't wait to learn to fly. Then I wake up.
Then there is a feeling of loss. Like something has been taken away from me. I really would love to fly.

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