Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm old

Today over at Scott-o-rama-
he was talking about how he felt old. Not sleeping, feeling aches in places he's never felt them before. Oh, and he's been caught watching :gasp: the weather channel.

I can so relate.

I don't sleep either. I might 'nap' a few times during the night, but hardly ever a full on sleep. It starts around one. I'm tired. I think I can doze off. Nope, not yet. I turn on the tv, check my blog, check everyone elses blog. Hoping beyond hope, someone like myself is up and has posted something funny and witty. No such luck.
The dogs then have to go out. I try reading, I try finding the dogs. They've left the country. I then try to sleep. I keep thinking about things that happened when I was in first grade. Things I'm not even sure REALLY happened in the first place.

Around four, I yell for the damn dogs again...I picture them in sombreo's knocking back tequila in some dive. Never coming home, ever again.

At around six thirty. I hear my neighbors leaving for work. I then have to get up, put on my shoes and go and retrieve the missing dogs. They probably have the old people across the street held hostage, yet again. They hate those old people and refuse to let them come out side. I personally am beginning to wonder if maybe they might actully be terrorists living out here in the country, hiding out till it is time to spring into action. But, my dogs will save the day, because the terrorists won't be able to get out of their front door. Yeah dogs.
I have to go, walk across the street and threaten them within inches of their lives. (dogs, not old people) to get them to come home.

Then around eight, I really begin to think I might be able to sleep....Nope, not yet. By then I can't go to sleep anyhow, Charmed is on TNT and I MUST see which episode it is. Geesh.

Then around ten, I feel tired enough to actually sleep the sleep of the dead...but the dogs have decided they must go pee, and are eyeing the neighbors once again with suspicion. Hmmmm.
I might as well, check the blogs once again, flip on the weather channel. And for those of you who are not familiar with the weather channel. They do have some very interesting shows on there. It is sorta like reading playboy for the articals. "No really, I only watch it for the storm story shows." Yeah, right.

And I know buying Ben Gay and heating pad probably isn't far off in my future. Damn. I hate Ben Gay. Pick your nose one time with it still lingering on your finger...and you can smell things happening in France. Opens everything up.
Ok, probaly more information than you needed. And NO I don't pick my was the guy on the Weather Channel, really, honest.

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