Monday, December 25, 2006

We survived

We're home, we're alive and in one piece.

The buffet was actually alright. My son in law must have done the cooking. LOL.
There was platters of snack things, brushetta and bread. Homemade potato skins and a lot more. I have to say he makes a killer brushetta.

All the in laws should up, including mine. And YES we played a game, Cranium. Which was alright. Just try to do a charade with the answer being THE KARATE KID and make two teenagers get it. Geesh. I jumped up on one leg, held my hands up and hoped someone would get the bird move he does in the movie. Then the paint brush move and the WAX ON, WAX OFF MOVE. Her father in law finally did get it. LOL. We lost.

One moment was a little terrifying though. At least for my daughters. Her mother in law asked me in front of the room if I was still writing? My daughters looked panicked. What did they expect me to say? 'Why yes, I still am writing gay porn." Erotica, Jodie says. Erotica, not porn. What's the difference really, I ask ya? LOL.
I sidestepped the porn and said, "yes, but not much because I've been working a ton." she then asked "what do you write again?" again panic. "Oh, a little of this and that. Is there anymore pie?"

And no pagans or witches were injured or berated. I was pleased.

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