Monday, December 18, 2006


Last week we had a special speaker and teacher come to our spirit class. She taught us about Aura's and how to see them. It was pretty cool. It took awhile to 'see' them, but as the night went on it was very cool.

After she showed us what to look for and what to not look for or at we could see the strings and colors somewhat.

We then took turns sitting in a chair while everyone else told what they saw around us in the darkened room. Everything from changing forms to blank features. Past lives to animal guides.
It wasn't what I was expecting but I enjoyed it anyhow.

Oh, one of the exercises we had to do was to make a ball with our hands, then expand the energy till we could see or feel it. Then move our hands apart and watch the energy expand and move. The stringy effect was amazing. When the teacher did it you really could see the energy pulsate and charge.

I know you guys think all this is crazy, but its better than beating someone to death at Kohls. I've about had it with employees who don't do a damn thing. So, the calmer I stay, the longer they can breath around me. ;)

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