Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas dinner?

Christmas dinner anyone? I'm having roasted dog on a spit! Two dogs if I can figure out which one is getting roasted.

Reason? One of the two got up on my bed and ATE holes in my electric blanket and ate through the cords. I am so gonna cook one of them.

Those damn blankets aren't cheap, and I don't have an extra fifty bucks just lying around. My blanket fund has run dry and the cash box has moths flying out of it.

...In other news...

I've had food poisoning. Not fun. I've never puked and pooped so much in my life. I swear!

The kids and I went Christmas mall shopping, made the big mistake of eating pizza in the food court, Sabarros I think that is how it is spelt, and BAM two hours later I was pulled off the highway and hugging the pavement. I bet passers by thought I was drunk. I then...(feel free to skip ahead here) peed on myself while puking piles and piles. Then had to find the nearest bathroom and sit there for about twenty minutes. I won't go into what that was all about. You poor people have endured enough of my body functions for one day.

Least to say I finally am feeling like I might live, then to have the blanket eaten. Those dogs have no idea I don't have a problem roasting them, hell I think I might have already eaten half cooked dog or something.

How many place settings should I set??

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