Monday, December 18, 2006

Strange dreams

My dreams seem to be getting even more bizarre, if that is possible.

This morning I awoke from a very disjointed and bizarre dream. It seemed to be about twenty years ago and my husband and I still even liked each other. LOL.

We were in this open biker type bar. All black and leather and weird people. We stayed there for awhile then went into this other room. There this strange little guy came up to me at the bar and started pretending to claw at me, like a cat. I became annoyed with this and told him to stop. He didn't stop. I could feel myself changing...sorta like another personality coming on. I could feel my attitude becoming dangerous, more sinister, maybe. Can't really describe the feeling, except to say I felt very powerful and strong. Wicked even.

The next time he tried to bat at me, I clawed him back, drawing blood. I then grabbed him up, turned him upside down, all in an instant and pounded his head and shoulders into the floor. He lay there twitching, dying. I knew I had broken his neck and I didn't feel bad at all. Everyone was staring at me and all I said calmly was..."He wanted to play cat. I killed him like a cat would kill." my eyes even had cat slits in them for a second.

My husband and I then went into a different room. There I found...(Ok, this is REALLY bizarre) Rows of people, men and women, all engaging in watersports. They were all peeing on each other. I didn't want to be pissed on and I said so. I walked to the door and waited for my husband to follow. Once he did we left.

The next strange part was we were in this alley of sorts, but there were doors. We accidentally rang a doorbell and this old gypsy woman opened it, and was frightened of me. She told me that she couldn't 'read me' it wouldn't be right. My husband looked at me and wanted to know what she meant. I laughed and cockily said..."Because I'm more psychic than she is. She is afraid to read me because I'm more powerful than she is.

The rest of the dream came in disjointed parts, things about my kids, other kids I didn't know and parts that came and went that weren't linear.

I don't know what it means, but I'm sure it indicates at some level that I'm changing. I'm growing. But changing into what? A cocky, cat witch who will break your neck if you screw with me? And don't pee on me either, just ask about what happened to the last guy who pawed at me. LOL.

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