Thursday, December 07, 2006

Semi Home made

Has anyone else ever seen this show? It is one of the HGTV shows. The host is a woman named Sandra Lee.
Her premise is that you don't have to make everything from scratch. That yes indeedy you can prepare ahead, use canned items if need be, and just cut corners if you can.

Ok, the premise had me at hello. I like to cut corners when I can. Hell, if I could just open a can of beans and throw it with spoons on the table, I'd do it! But, my family frowns on such behavior so I try to curb that urge.

Well, I have successfully been able to watch maybe...Two, of her shows. Five minutes in I want to shove her head into the oven.
Now, let me explain my little blog readers, just why she annoys me. (doesn't everything and everybody bug me? Yes, yes they do.)
This woman wants us to believe she is actually making that Christmas Ham with all the sides while wearing white and red cashmere. She has on the June Clever pearls, and I betcha her nails cost more than I make in a while. A dollar to donuts I bet they do!
She isn't exactly like Martha, but there IS that little bit of "My shit doesn't stink in the least because I eat potpourri and it keeps the smell away" attitude.

My husband came through the house one day while her show was on, he stopped and watched her standing next to a huge ass roast, with a hand mixer in one hand 'pretending' to make mashed potatoes while wearing a two hundred dollar low neck sweater. He just smirked. "Yeah, she's gonna make dinner dressed like that." then he walked away hating her too I'm sure.

You have to check her out if you get the chance. Just for the laughs, I'm sure.

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