Monday, April 20, 2009

Tid bits

Tid bits:

Just ate a weight watchers BOSTON CREAM PIE yogurt. Well, it sure didn't taste like Boston cream pie, unless the Boston cream pie had gone rancid and sour. It just tasted like....yogurt. Sad. Just so sad!


Two nights ago. Had something follow me all the way down the driveway. Not sure what it was. That hasn't happen in a LONG time. Months even. I 'felt' it. I knew it was following me. I kept turning around but didn't see anything. It actually didn't feel like any of the regulars. LOL. I know that sounds strange. But they do have a vibration of their own when they come around. And this one felt different. I know it wasn't the civil war guy. Whom I haven't seen in six months or more. Hopefully he truly has moved on into the light for good. It wasn't the pain in my ass trouble maker who loves to just screw with me. He's been on Hiatus someplace and hasn't been around either. So, I guess I'll see if this one shows up again, and what it wants.
The joy's of having different vibrations I guess. I get to deal with Ghosts and spirits on occasion.

I've had several emails asking about my Spirit guides and how I came to have them and who they are. So, maybe I'll talk about them this week. They really are a fun bunch. lol. I know people probably think I'm as crazy as a loon, and I don't blame them one bit. I'd think I was nuts too. But they've proven themselves time and time again. Just ask Jodie. They kick her in the butt now and then and shock the hell out of her by telling me things that I couldn't know to tell her. She is a believer now. lol.

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Jodie said...

No kidding! Pink flamingo's what? I've seen things happen around you and heard things from you and I do believe. Still think you're looney though. :-D But I wouldn't have you any other way!