Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spirit Guides

I'm so excited. Just found out my Spirit class is coming back. We've been on hiatus for months while we've all been going through some stuff. But our teacher has gotten a new place to hold classes and they are starting back up next month and I'm a happy camper.

Just that little once a month get together with like minded people, does a world of good. She will do two classes one for beginners and one for more advanced students. I fit into the second group, but the beginners group is always so much fun. They are just so excited and everything is new and fun and shocking. I love the freshness they bring and the questions and wide eyed innocence. Babes in blankets. Gotta love em. They haven't yet gotten tough skinned or acquired the know it all attitude.

We learn to listen and give spirit messages. This is one of the most important things she has taught us. To listen. And it is probably one of the hardest things to do. Just-to-listen. At the end of each class we have to calm ourselves and connect with our guides, then ask if they have any messages for anyone else in our group. Sometimes they are jumping to give them, other times it is like pulling chicken teeth, an impossible thing to do. At first just standing in front of a group of people and listening to your little inner voice and trying not to look like a fool is really hard. I mean REALLY HARD. You keep asking yourself am I really doing this? The beginner class will struggle with this. Some will get it right off the bat, others will never get it. But it strengthens the connections between you and your guides.

GUIDES: That is another thing that they will learn about. A lot of meditation work will be done. Workshops and spirit work. Lots of opportunity's to draw them out. Things to help you connect with them. In the meditation and then in the deeper meditations they will begin to notice the same people and voices. The same names popping up. Soon someone will introduce them self as their guide. Most times, multiple guides. I have four main ones. I used to have five...I'm not sure where the other one has gotten off too. lol. But, he's gone. But we do have different guides for different reasons.

For instance. I have protection guides. I have an outer ring I call the guards. I mentioned the one who was behind me, holding me the day I ran into the witch at the store. He was one of the guards. When any of them touch me, their touches are warm and solid.

But the main four who are with me all of the time are:

James Malcolm. The head of the little bunch and who says when asked how long he's been with me? "I'm been with you...Forever." Ok... I have always argued back with him. I figure he knew what he what he was getting when he signed up for this gig.

Katherine. My Victorian Lady. Who can be anything but a proper lady. She can hold her own against any man. She 'lets' James Malcolm think he's in charge. Not really sure what her purpose is at this point is though. But I have felt her influence in my life a great deal at different points.

Victory Houson (like the state, without the T) she says with a strong southern accent. She is from 1862 Vicksburg.


Paul. My early early 80's gay boy. He wears tight tights jeans. Kinda of a shorter version of a flock of seagulls haircut and loves ABBA and QUEEN. He is the only one who has actually shown me his death. Not pleasant. He was lured into an alley and beaten to death by a half dozen or so men. Brought me to my knees. Horrible. A skinny, not even 19 year old kid.

Funny sidebar: I once got into a very heated argument with another teacher during a class, because she was trying to teach the class I was in that we were supposed to always ALWAYS treat our guides like gods. What? I looked at her and stopped her on a dime. My class all snickered, knowing my relationship with James Malcolm and just waited for the fallout. I told her what I thought. I used bold words. "Lady, if they want to be treated nicely, then they best treat me nicely. They treat me like shit, they they can take a hike back out the door they came in." She turned white and told me that they were to be treated with the utmost respect, that they had 'chosen' to help us and to not treat them with respect and honor was an insult and she would not stand for it. I laughed at her. She has refused to this very day to ever attend the same class if I'm there. Ah well. lol.

I have gotten into some heated arguments with my own guides and have told them to shut the hell up and to leave. Which they have for months. Until I need them or they think I've learnt what ever lesson I needed to learn. Putzes. lol. But I love them all. Most of the time. I do miss them terribly when they aren't around though.

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Thistle has always been my companion-spirit. Ever since the original personality died (or vanished, or became incapacitated, or simply MIA), Thistle has been with me. We were essentially given life at the same time.