Thursday, April 30, 2009

Third graders

My daughter Megan told me today that she was in the middle school office, dropping off a sign up sheet for her cheerleaders. She is their coach. There was a third grade little girl in the office upset about something, but Megan didn't know about what. Finally the little girl couldn't hold back the tears and lost it completely and began to wail. "I HAVE A FIELD TRIP TOMORROW TO CHICAGO...I'M GOING TO GET THE SWINE FLU! I JUST KNOW IT!" where upon she began to sob.
While this is not funny, it is. Poor thing. and you just know she's going to show up tomorrow with rubber gloves and breathing mask. And the first person who sneezes anywhere in the city is going to send this little girl into a complete meltdown.


AutumnZ said...

Well, my very own 3rd grader got off the bus insisting that he had muscle aches and a fever and that people had sneezed and coughed on him today. The media is freaking people out!

Debbi said...

And the school sent home a warning note also. And that hasn't helped one little to calm these kids, just the opposite. Just freaking them out more.