Friday, June 29, 2007


I've been writing tonight so I have my music file open. Thought you might want to check out what I listen to when I'm writing. I know it's an eclectic mix, but it's MY music. I totally am a child of the 80's. lol. And you don't even want to see my 70's music. Which includes Shaun Cassidy, The Defranco family, and if you dig in store room, waaaay in the back underneath all the year books and baby clothes there is a record case full of ....gasp....Osmond albums. Hell, I even have an autographed one from Shaun Cassidy. lol. I'm a big old dork, I've never denied it.

But, you can totally see in my choice of tunes that I was not into metal or acid rock. lol.

I have everything from:
Karla Devito
Kim Wilde
Olivia Newton John
The Sherbs
Elton John
Counting Crows
Pat Benatar
Laura Branigan
Soul Asylum
Bob Seger
Flock of Seagulls
Toni Basil
Dar Williams
The Ten Tenors
Apollo 100
Adam Ant
And Hanson. No Hanson snarky comments will be accepted. lol.

And these are just the few I listen to the most. There is one Beach Boys. One Impalas. One Jessica Andrews, a few Tim McGraw. Depends on what part of the story I'm working on. When I'm meditating, the Apollo 100 song, Joy, always helps me to connect. It is similar to a meditation tape we were taught with.
So, there this is what I'm listening too.

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