Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Class last night was very relaxing.
We actually had spirit class while in a hot tub. How cool is that?
Have to admit though the visions and meditation wasn't as intense as it usually is, I think because I was IN a hot tub. Water. Water up to my chin. Have I mentioned I don't like deep water. It just takes my breath away. But I did enjoy the company and the tub while I knew I wasn't gonna slide under or bubble away. lol.

We listened to a CD of classical type music that was recorded from secret musical notes found on paintings painted inside a church. At the moment I can't remember what they were called but they were beautiful.

When it came to messages and visions, I do have to admit to seeing a woman inside a church, lighting a candle. She was dressed royally, with one of those high, white, collars that look like an air filter around her neck. Queen Victoria like?

Then there was the other woman I saw who was dressed in red velvet. She was very sad while standing in front of the alter. And I heard clearly. Catherine of Avalon. Wasn't she one of Henry the xiii's wives? I can't find anything about her on Google. But who ever she was. I saw her last night.

Strange because on the way to class on two different radio channels I heard different things about Henry xiii. When will that ever happen again?
But, it was interesting, and fun as it always is.

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