Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Gay Pride

I made it to Chicago's Gay Pride Parade today. And it was a lot of fun.

450 thousand people it was reported attended. The weather held, no rain, over cast though, which resulted in SUNBURN. My face and arms are red but I'll survive.

I went with my friends Bob and his boyfriend Michael. Those two slay me. lol.

When we were getting on the train to go downtown there were three young, I mean REALLY young boys. I'd guess maybe late teens at the oldest. And they were super cute. Cute in that "I'm gay, I'm proud and don't you just want to eat me with a spoon?" type of way. One had iron straight blond hair, one had curly hair and the last had dark brown with white clumps, all spiked. He was decked out in everything rainbow. Michael looks over at them and says excitedly..."Look! Pretty ones." LOL. And they were really pretty.

Chicago was jammed packed today. We had the Pride parade, the Mexican parade, and the Cubs played against the Sox. All on the same day.
On the train coming home Michael wondered...."If you are both gay and Mexican...which parade would you go too?" Hmm, I wonder. lol.

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