Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IML condom table

There were tables set up throughout the hallways and entryways in the leather market. On them were HUGE bowls of Condoms. All types of Condoms. Different sizes, brands, colors and even some for females. As we came in Jodie and I shyly looked through the bowls and picked out a few and dropped them into our purses. An hour later, we were taking hands full, and by the end we were rummaging through like it was a yard sale, on ten cent day. “Ooh, purple ones.” I exclaimed holding up a packet for her to see. “I have that one” she smiled back. It still makes me giggle just thinking about it.

We had to stop at one point to sign something and a very cute, nearly naked twenty something boy was standing at the booth helping us as we filled out a form, as we pulled out a pen he saw our large collection of by now of condoms and laughed. Jodie blurted out “I have a teenage daughter.” and looked over at me to say something. I responded. “I have an eighteen year old son. He’s gonna find condoms everywhere he goes. In his bed. Every drawer he opens. Every time he opens his glove box. Hell, their gonna fall out of his shoes” The boy just laughed. “Whatever it takes mom” His smile was sweet.

On our way out to leave we hit the last table one more time and loaded up one last time. That’s when we found the female ones. Really? Those surprised us at IML. But we took some of those too. By now, our purses runnith over. But the funniest thing almost happened on the train home. We were sitting talking about all we had seen. Across the aisle were an entire gaggle of senior citizens. The train suddenly lurched sideways and in slow motion my purse started to fall…Jodie and I grabbed for it at the same time. All I could think of was O-M-G ALL THOSE CONDOMS ON THE FLOOR! Red ones, blue ones, purples ones. And I’m talking at least 50 condoms. ALL OVER THE TRAIN FLOOR. What would they have thought? But we grabbed it in time. We both sat there, me clutching the purse to my chest. Jodie breathing hard. Both our eyes wide.
“That was close”
“Yeah it was” We both started to giggle like teenagers. Nothing like having a little secret. Then we sat and read my copy of the newspaper I had picked up. The LEATHER JOURNAL. Oh hell, let them think what they will.


Jodie said...

I have about 30 female condoms! Somehow ended up with zero male condoms. I think they all ended up in your purse. We should have let you purse fall on the train. It would give us one more thing to laugh about for the next 9 years.

Debbi said...

I only ended up with maybe two or three of the female one's. And here is too at least 79 more years. That would make us really old 35 year olds. ;)-

ChicagoDaddyBear said...

Maybe you didn't know, but the "female" condom was developed for gay males, but the FDA said no way.... so now they are called the "female condom" but I hear they are great for anal sex....

Debbi said...

Welcome Chicago Daddy Bear.
No, I didn't know, but that would explain a lot. lol.

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Many, many years ago, I got a unique opportinity to tour the Trojan condom factory (which at the time was owned by Carter-Wallace Pharmecuticals). The fabrication process is fascenating. Condoms start of being really, REALLY big, but they end up being shrunk down through a thermal process.

They also make horse condoms and little finger gloves for dentists. Neat-o!