Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IML Part one

On the walk to the IML host hotel, the closer we got the closer it became apparent that we were definitely in the minority. This didn’t come as a huge surprise though. Two 35 year old (uh huh, yeah, right, gonna be 35 for another ten years…Yep) straight woman walking towards IML.
As we walked along and we were passed by two leather men and heard “Those are chicks” Jodie and I laughed. We entered IML and another world. And I have to say we could not have asked to have been treated better. Honestly. Everyone treated us with kindness and respect. From the men at the reception desk to the cute guy who waved us in ala a genie from Aladdin.

Even when I had to use the CO-ED bathroom. If the boy’s didn’t mind I didn’t mind. And when I say BOY. I don’t mean literally a boy, or little boy. A boy can be any age, or any gender actually. But, for this post, let’s just say male, over 21.

We stood at the top of the steps looking out and down on the leather market. Imagine a flea market, with aisle upon aisle of x-rated goods. The shoppers, in leather and rubber and naked butts everywhere. We even saw a few superheroes thrown in. Then imagine people trying on items and getting fitted for harnesses, and jocks and corsets oh my. And all the while videos are playing all around you. Boys are being zipped into sleep sacks, and rubber cubes and onto modified St Andrew’ Crosses and Jodie and I are walking around taking it all in. I was in HEAVEN.
We walked past a vendor where there were a few men standing who stood about as tall as a doorway who whispered as we walked past. “Those are women. REAL women.” Jodie looked at me. “Do we not look like real woman?” She asked. I laughed looking down at my sizable chest. “Maybe it’s my boobs. Hell, if they were fake, you’d think they’d be standing at better attention” I told her. We continued on.
We stopped at the RECON booth to watch a boy being zipped into an alien egg. That was wild.

And we watched demos. We saw a rubber box were a boy was put inside and all the air was sucked out. He was encased inside, everything except his head. Then he was turned on his side, then upside down.
We couldn’t find a flogging demo. I would have watched that. Jodie probably not so much. Although she was a trooper about everything else.
We passed a bunch of rubber clad men passing us. They stopped and looked back at us. “Those are females” At his point. Jodie and I just laughed. We weren’t the only women in the place, but it was close. There were those who were vendors or in leather or with men, we were none of those. So, we were a minority. And there were probably, five of us walking among a thousand men. Ok, maybe there were more than that, but honestly that’s about all the women we saw in our category and I’m stretching the number.
At one point, Jodie said. “I kind of feel like a science experiment.” I laughed and said. “I feel right at home. You could put me on a stage with a crown on my head. I LOVE THIS!” “Of course you do!” She said. And left me standing at the Mr.S leather booth watching a boy getting laced up in a full leather sleep sack.


AutumnZ said...

This is great!

Jodie said...

Hehehehehe, can't stop laughing.

Debbi said...

We did have a great time. And met some WONDERFUL people.