Monday, April 14, 2008

Spirit guides and blah blah blah.

Inside of our truck it has sensors in the seats that knows when you don't have a seat belt on. Say someone is sitting in the passenger seat and takes all the weight off of the seat...a light comes on on the dash and says "passenger airbag is not on". When I drive this truck and am alone. The dash light is never on. I have never noticed this before till the other day.

Megan was in the passenger seat and lifted up and the light came on. I asked why it had done that and she explained that when there is no weight on the seat, which means all of the time when I drive alone, the light should be on. There is no weight on the seat.


Its as if there is someone sitting next to me. Which doesn't surprise me at all.

You know how they say that ghosts or spirits suck up energy and that is why there are cold spots? well, my guys are the opposite. In fact, when I'm sure that James Malcolm is sitting next to me, I can take my hand and move it over the passenger seat and instead of it being is always very warm.

So, maybe it is him or one of the other three who are riding with me. Katherine used to drive everywhere with me. Then it was my two gay boys in the backseat. But one of those moved on. Which left me with my two ladies. Victory who is a civil war female from the 1860's. Then there is my Victorian lady, Katherine. Who is very proper but I know she loved to shock people back in the 1800's too. My gay boy is named Paul. And all I really know about him is that he is gay. He loves ABBA and is from the 1980's. I've often wondered if I haven't met him in this lifetime in my disco days.

And then there is James Malcolm who is my primary. He is the boss. The others always take his advice. And he is the one I argue and fight with the most. He might be 'guide' but I'm still not gonna let him bully me. lol. I've shocked other psychics when I talk about him. They always are horrified that I argue with him. They think I'm always suppose to say "Oh thank you James Malcolm for being in my life. I'm so grateful....blah blah blah." BULLSHIT. He knew what he was getting into when he signed on to watch over and guide me. I'm not a shock to him. So, I'm not gonna kiss his ass. But I will say, when there not around, I do miss them.

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