Friday, April 18, 2008

Did the earth move for you too?

At 4.36 am this morning we had an earthquake. It was centered in southern Illinois near West Salem. A 5.4 mag. It was felt they say from Southern Illinois, to Chicago, to Kentucky and Indy.
All along the new madrick fault line.

Our house shook. My husband ran in excited. "DID YOU FEEL THAT?" Everything shook and rumbled, the windows all rattled like a big wind was coming on.. I wondered if it was thunder at first and then the dresser began to shake. It only took a few seconds but it woke me up.

I remember the last one we had back in 87. That one was in the afternoon. All the windows and doors shook like crazy for about ten seconds.

I hope no one has no damage and everyone is alright.

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