Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ghosts and things that live amoung us.

I was reminded today of our first haunted house we lived in after we were married. That was 1, 2, 3 houses ago. And each has had it's share of creepy crawlers or inhabitants.
See, there are different types of hants as my dad would have called them.

There are the spirits that reside there. There are place memories that sometimes just keep playing like an old movie that is on a loop.
Then there are the nasties who know they are nasty and really don't give a rats ass what the living think about them. Our last house had one of those who walked around outside. He had really creepy dead vacant eyes. Sends shivers down my back just thinking about him. I would see him looking in the windows. Now, remember our house sat high. So, this guy must have been ten feet tall. lol. This guy not to be confused with my civil war solider who looks in my kitchen window now. I see him now and then, but he doesn't really creep me out anymore. He did at first though. I've jumped and dropped more than my share of things upon seeing his face looking in at night. He's been cussed out and been threatened on more occasion with a major exorcism up his ass if he freaks me out again more than I can remember. I know now why all of my laundry room windows had been boarded and closed up long ago. He must have looked in there too. Ah well.

In our first house, we had this ancient celler/basement with dirt floors. Our furnace, water heater and breaker box happened to be down there. Like ours now, but I wont set foot in this one. I'll sit in the dark all day before I go down there alone. No way, no how. Anyhow...
In that first basement, it always felt like something was watching me. Following me. And not in a curious way, but in a dangerous, nasty way. I hated it. But after years of living with it, we made a truce of sorts. When I had to go down there for something, I would ten minutes before yell down "I'm coming down for my canning jars." Then wait a few minutes and go down. I would stand at the door and yell once again. "I'm coming in. Go were ever it is you need to go, I don't want to see you." And then I would turn on the light, open the door, run and get what I needed and would leave. "Thank you." and that was that. This went on for nine years.

My friend the famous psychic had a friend who wanted to do 'talk' with my basement entity. I told him he could if he wanted to deal with his nastiness and left. He stayed for ten minutes and never returned. He told me on the phone later that whatever was in the basement was one piece of work. First off, it had never been human on this plane, it was a lower something that scared the hell out of the psychic and he would never come back again. lol. He also mentioned that the 'thing' had told him. "I live here. I've been here since forever and I'm not leaving." And I can imagine him sticking his tongue out after saying it. So, there. lol.
As far as I know, it's still there. People only live in that house for a year or two and move on. No one stays very long.

I'll take the movie loops, I'll take the curious spirits and even the playful ghosts. But, you can have the difficult pain in the asses who like to live in dark, dank places and scare people for the fun of it.

If they can't all get along. Then they need to move along. That's my way of looking at it.

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