Thursday, April 17, 2008


I had some really strange dreams this morning.

The first one:

I went to get into my truck and realized it was full of snow. That was strange, because I knew I hadn't left a window or anything done, but the front seat area was full of snow. I started to scoop out the snow when I realized with horror that there was a dead black girl holding a little baby, crunched down on the front floor boards. They both were dead.
Once the csi people showed up it was determined that they hadn't died there, but instead had been placed there and then covered up with snow.

How strange and bizarre.

The second one:

I was sitting in an eye doctors outer office. I guess I had had something done with my eyes, they were closed. Someone then sat down next to me and for some reason began to braid my hair on the right side. And I let them. lol. When he got up to leave and the door closed, I realized the puke had stolen my purse. I burst through the door and saw him getting into a limo. I yelled for him to stop. He did for a second then continued to climb in. I pulled a gun out from under my pants leg and yelled again to stop.
There was another car and a woman was getting into that one. I knew they were together.
From behind me I heard my police partner say "You better stop, you pissed her off already. She'll shoot you, no doubt."

I then walked over to the woman and started smacking her, not hard but annoyed. I was yelling while whacking her.

"How could you do this to a HUMAN (WHACK WHACK) BEING?"
smack, smack, whack.
"To-a-fellow-(whack whack)- human- (smack whack)-FEMALE-being!" major smacking and whacking.
I was pissed they stole my purse.

Weird dreams for sure.

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