Sunday, April 29, 2007

A meme from Tiger Yogi.

I've been tagged by TigerYogi to answer five questions.
He put real thought into them too. I'll try my best.

1) What started you in writing "gay fiction"?

I've always written, but several years ago, I happen to be in a chat room with a bunch of crazy and horny women, all of whom were egging each other on. Well, one person would start with one paragraph and then someone else would add to it. I found that all my contributions to the 'story' had the guy being attracted too the other guys. lol.

And at the same time in 'real time' I had just had my first run in with my one and only ghost. The new house (new to us) came with a ghost. A gay one it turned out. I had never read nor written any gay novels or short stories. I began having these flashes out of the blue. I mean xxx flashes. Porn DVDs had nothing on these little movies going on in my head in my waking moments. Wow, up close and personal. I found the gay section at Borders and within weeks had bought and read bags and bags full of their books.
I then met our ghost when one night I kept thinking of the name Jeffery and made the mistake of calling him by that name. The ghost slammed my bedroom door, nearly taking it off the hinges, he then started throwing things around the kitchen, just having a major hissy fit. I went in and realized that he wasn't Jeffery, but the man who had died, or left or whatever was JEFFERY. And the little movies I had been seeing in my head were Mr Ghosts memories/fantasies. It was wild to say the least.
So, I began to write more stories with gay men in them. I was hooked. So, now all of my stories have at least one gay man in it. Most often the main character.

2) What drew you to Paganism?

I'm not sure if I was drawn to it, I think I've always believed what I believe. I have been drawn to the spiritual side of everything since 'forever'. I've always known there was 'more' than what most people want you to believe. I've been talking too and seeing spirit since I was two. So, I guess I just added to my growing experiences in a way that made sense to a 'weird' kid. And it turned out all my little ideas and beliefs I had gathered around me, actually already existed. How bizarre. So, the universe had already chosen to show it all to me before I even 'knew' there was something I should be looking for. Wow, very cool.

3) If you could go back to age 20, knowing what you know now, would you do anything different?

Wow, a deep one. I know I'm supposed to say, YES, I would not marry Tom, I wouldn't go down that path. But you know what? I don't think I had a lot of choice in that. If I didn't marry Tom, I wouldn't have the wonderful kids I have. I wouldn't have been in certain places that spirit and my budding guides needed me to be at any given time.
But is there something I would do different? hmm, I think I would have stood up for myself more.

4) Given the chance, would you travel with The Doctor in the TARDIS, if you know you might never see your family again?

Wow, another deep one. Hell, Hasn't everyone already seen or been on a UFO? so how different would the Tardis be?? lol. Seriously, I think I would. And who says The Doctor couldn't bring me back to the moment I first left in the first place? Nothing lost, no time gone, nothing missed.
And I still feel bad that Sara Jane didn't go with him the last time he asked. She should have gone with him, she and K9.
OK, you all, already know I'm a geek. Yes, I teared up when she refused to go with him.

5) What is your favorite meal?

Easy one. ANYTHING from Maggianos. It is a great Italian place that just has the best food. Man, Now I want that for dinner. MUST HAVE MAGGIANOS SOON!

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