Monday, May 07, 2007

David Davenport

I keep dreaming about a guy named David Davenport. Who is he? not a freaking clue. But, I've dreamt of him several times.
I'm guessing he is the main character in my next book. I have the title, I have the main guy. I know he has a 30 year old boyfriend. David is 25. And he has an evil uncle who is keeping him in his Manson like house. Davids boyfriend has to find and rescue him. I have no idea why his uncle has him. What his motive is, in keeping his nephew drugged.
Now, if my guides would just give me the rest of the story, I'd write the darn thing. So, I guess I'll know the story when you all know the story. lol.

But damn, David is a cutie.
And nope, none of the David Davenports I can find by Google come close to the guy I'm dreaming about.

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