Tuesday, April 24, 2007


For some strange and unexplained reason, I was thinking about Halloween today. Yeah, yeah, I know, a little early to be thinking of such things. And I won't mention that Jodie still has Halloween candy. And good candy too. Not just the old hard black and orange things no one eats. Or those really sour ones. No, she had Reese's and Hersey's. We always ate those first. Not to mention the Whoppers which are just the best.

Ok, got off track there. Sorry, I said I wouldn't mention her candy stash.

But I was thinking about costumes. I remember my oldest going as a Barbie rocker. Where she wore a little pink like business suit. But I had added sparkles and bricka brack. So, she was all shiny and dangly. I then did her makeup. Any rock star or budding prostitute would have been jealous, I tell ya.
There was the year that they went as peanuts. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that says..."Good grief Charlie Brown."
But, I have to say the most memorable year was the year that my mom died. She passed the day before Halloween. So, I did what I could to keep things as normal as possible. And keep in mind, NORMAL is a relative term around here.

My mom loved Halloween and she would have honestly sat up and bitched slapped me if she thought I had denied my kids trick or treats in order to go and be with people grieving and mourning. Wouldn't have flown with her. So, I called the funeral director and explained my problem. He was so nice about it. He told me I was in charge and could do what ever I needed to do. So, I took my kids trick or treating, then drove them still in costumes to the wake. My kids and my nieces and nephews all were dressed in costumes. It was what she would have wanted. I did get a few puzzled looks from a few people, but most understood I think. And honestly, I couldn't have cared if they hadn't.

So the night before the wake, and Halloween, I was up 'making' my then five year old son into a scare crow. I had a flannel shirt, overalls, and raffia. Lots and lots of raffia. The idea was to glue it around the sleeves and collar, so he would look like a scarecrow. It looked great, I put it on him, adjusted it, tucked it and sent him off to school for his party. Trouble was...he was pretty much glued in the outfit.
The teacher had to cut him out of it to go to the bathroom. He still could wear it though, just not glued completely into it. Poor thing. My excuse was I was insane right then. But damn he looked cute all glued into his little outfit. lol.
Oldest daughter went as Vanna White. She had a long blue sprinkly hoochy mama dress. And middle daughter, I believe was Glenda the good witch. All puffy and pretty.

They have been everything from Christmas trees, to huge stuffed tomatoes, to Rainbow bright and bunny rabbits.
Man, I can't wait to be a grandma and do this stuff again. I miss them not dressing up. But then again, I do always have Buckley Farmstead Days to fall back on. And ebay has given me some really awesome dresses for that. our 4 h group has to dress up in 1910 period clothes and sell hot dogs and baked potatoes. Everyone has to dress up and be in character for the day. The farmstead has wagon rides, demos on everything from candle making, to how to make corn husk dolls. They give tours of the farm and house. Really cool, and It is a fun day, but it too has kinda gone with along with Halloween. To old to dress up, they say. People they know, might actually see them, they say. lol.
I just kinda got tired of seeing people too. People NO ONE else sees. But, it is still fun. The lower barn kinda creeps me out though. I stay out of that one. But all in all. I do get my dress up fix.

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