Friday, February 09, 2007

Yoots of America

At work we have music and announcments on a loop. One of them is for a program Kohls has started to find deserving teenagers who have helped the community and will grant collage money for them if they win.
One part of this announcement kills me. The person on the tape reading it is trying to say...The youth of America deserve a chance....But he says it like ..."The Yoots of America..." and I can't listen after that because all I can think of is MY COUSIN VINNY. "WHAT THE HELL IS A YOOT?" The judge asks. lolol.

Ok, that is just me, but it does make me smile. At least it is not that damn Christmas song about SNOW. Freaking snow, snow to eat, snow to date, snow to love, snow to wash my hair in...
One more day of that song I would have had to beat someone to death with a hanger I swear!

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