Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Anyone need a bottle?

I. Am. So. Tired!

I have been bottle feeding these eight puppies. Yep, every four hours, I make two human size baby bottles full of puppy formula. Then it take fifty minutes to feed and burp all eight of them.

How do you burp a puppy you may ask. I'll tell you. You take a warm wet rag and gently clean there tummy's and privates. They get all dreamy eyed and within ten minutes they are crashed out in the box. Out of eight there is one who is the devil. I swear. Lol. He is horrible to bottle feed. He's only probably only two pounds, but I wrestle him all over the bed, or floor or where ever we land when I'm trying to get his mouth open and the bottle in. Geesh. But once he gets going then he's a little hungry beast.

Their mom became really sick two days ago and went to the vet yesterday. She has mastitis and ended up with two shots for infection and a fifty dollar prescription. She also had a temp of 106. That is equivalent to us running a temp of 104. So, she was sick. She is feeling better today and has actually gotten in the box with them. Boy, they were so excited to see her.

They are 20 days old today. I hope she can start feeding them full time again soon. I can't imagine doing this every four or five hours for the next two weeks.
Yeah, I know I did this with my own babies, but there was only one, not eight. Geesh.

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