Friday, February 06, 2009

Zombies come to Illinois

Have you heard? Zombies have made it to southern Illinois. Yep. They there were even signs along the highway saying so. And IDOT Illinois department of transportation is not happy about it.

Drivers in downstate Illinois near Collinsville saw an interesting sign along I-255.It was supposed to read: daily lane closures, drive safely. Instead, it said daily lane closures due to zombies. I-Dot doesn't think it's funny. Officials worried people would get into accidents looking at that sort of thing. Last week, drivers in Austin, Texas saw similar signs reading "Nazi zombies ahead run" and "the end is near" on their roads. Despite the warnings, there were no actual zombie sightings. Officials think in both cases, someone hacked into computers to change the messages. shit Sherlock's. Yeah think? But I gotta say, my money is on Texas to kick some Nazi zombie ass. If anyone would be up for a zombie fight it would be Texas. They'd see those signs and think. "Hell yeah, let's go and get those bastards." Here...they just turned around and caused accidents."
But, in all honesty, upon seeing an IDOT sign flashing saying ZOMBIES AHEAD. I'd have to think about that one. If it were a little flimsy flashing sign on the side of the road. Yeah, I'd keep going. But if they had hacked into those HUGE over the interstate IDOT signs. You know the kind that show the missing kids and weather and bulletins.....I'm turning around and going home. I'm not up to fighting zombies, thank you very much.
My son Patrick on the other hand said he'd keep going. He'd want to see the zombies. Yep, I told him he'd be one of the first to get his brain eaten too. And no doubt he'd be one of those people standing on the roof holding a big welcome sign when the mother ship came down for first contact too. Putz...he's gonna get blown up, just like in Independence Day. Or there gonna eat him. Yep. No more Patrick. I'm staying at home.

Wonder where the zombies will head next? Texas and then Illinois. Where will they go to next.


Indigo said...

indigo incarnates

It would be cool if there actually WERE highway zombies! I could really dig running over some undead shamblers on the way to work, hee hee.

Jodie said...

I'd be running with you for a bit before my mind kicked in and reminded me that there are no zombies. Takes me a while to process, you know.

Indigo said...

halo incarnates

am saying hi. long time to speak. good to be here. be well.

Debbi said...

I'm here, just not feeling great.
Zombies would freak me out too. Would be kinda interesting, but I'd be running in the opposite direction though. lol.