Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cookie sheets.

I seriously want to know the difference between non stick baking sheets.
I have three different types. Two I spent an arm and a leg on not this Christmas but last and have done everything except sacrifice small children and animals to some ancients gods to keep them from sticking and some new ones from IKEA.

Let's start with the expensive ones. I bought two from Kohl's two Christmas' ago. One is a FOOD NETWORK non stick cookie sheet and I spent 16.99. The other is a RUBBERMAID and I spent 13.99. Now let me say, I only bought them because my old Walmart ones were in dire need of being thrown out and I was going too COOKIE day the following day, and it was double employee discount day and there was a blizzard raging get the picture. Anyhow, those damn expensive cookie sheets STICK EVERY TIME I use them. EVERY TIME! I should have brought them back, but I kept trying to figure out how to get them to not stick, then they looked like crap and I was embarrassed to bring them back.
So, fast forward to this Christmas. I was shopping at IKEA I saw 3.99 baking sheets, and thoughts, what the hell. I bought two, and guess what? THEY ARE WONDERFUL, AND NOTHING STICKS TO THEM. Go figure. My oatmeal cookies today just came right off, not one held on for dear life. So, take that FOOD NETWORK.
I have never bought anything FOOD NETWORK before these cookie sheets and by god I'll never buy anything FOOD NETWORK again.
I have to say though, I do have other Rubbermaid items I have had for years with no complaints so, not sure what the deal was with these stupid cookie sheets.


AutumnZ said...

I SWEAR by stonewear. I won't use anything else for baking if I can help it.

Indigo said...

indigo incarnates

That's a very good question! Unfortunately, when I cook it usually ends up "blackened" and I'm not even remotely Cajun!

Debbi said...

Autumn I've never used stonewear to bake on, I'll have to give that a try.

Indigo, Lol. You made me laugh. My cooking of late has looked a bit 'cajun' as well.

species 125 said...

Have you tried silicone bakewear? It's supposed to be the best for non-stick baking.

Jodie said...

You made cookies without me? You cheated on me...;-)

Glad the new sheets are working for you. I can't wait for our next cookie day so you can taste the butter toffee candy that I was telling you about. It's so ridiculously good.

Debbi said...

Species, I am facinated with the cupcake molds. lol. I've looked at those more than a few times.

And YES, Jodie, I cheated on. And they turned out fine. I added BOTH baking soda AND powder and let them chill over night...and they looked like real cookies, go figure. lol. Now, to try choc chip.