Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bruce Springsteen

So, anyone happen to catch Bruce Springsteen during, or should I say BEING the halftime show? well, if not, YOU MISSED OUT. He was a showman. Twenty five years later, but still a showman. Sure, there was a moment I thought he might have a heart attack but hey, I probably would have had one too if I were jumping around like he was.
I saw him way back in 84 I think. And let me say, it was something. Along with a hundred thousand other fans general admission ticket holders at Chicago's stadium, where the BEARS play, and you can only begin to imagine what a nightmare that was. No, really think about a HUNDRED THOUSAND RUNNING, SCREAMING, SHOVING, STAMPEDING, RUTHLESS, people trying to get onto the the field. A HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE, people. NEVER AGAIN! And we didn't even head towards the field and we were nearly killed.

I had to laugh though when he sang TENTH AVENUE FREEZE OUT tonight and called my married 26 year old daughter. When she was two years old she would sing snippets of Bruce's songs. Maybe she was a fan. But truth be told she sang snippets because that was all I played. lol. She knew a line or two of a dozen or so and sang them like a parrot. She sang Tenth avenue freeze out. She sang. "Rosalita come sit by my fire..." and a hand full of others all on cue. And trust, I got her to sing them all of the time. Oh come on, she was two and cute as a button.

Any how, back to Bruce and the halftime show. He was good. The twelve minutes or so they were on. I know he has a new album out and a soundtrack to THE WRESTLER or something. But after this performance, I betcha you can say....TOUR DATES. I don't know this for sure. But I can pretty much guess that's where this is coming from or heading towards.
And I wish them all the best. But unless I have a ticket with a seat number, I won't be attending. Heaven knows my deal with general admission. I've learnt my lesson on that account. I get all sweaty and nervous even when I do have a seat and people start standing up and moving around. "SIT DOWN PEOPLE, THAT'S WHY WE HAVE TICKETS." No, one ever listens. That's why I want a whistle. But, Jodie and Megan says no, I can't have one. I'd be obnoxious with a whistle. And I would be, I know it. But, someone needs to be the hall monitor in those places.

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