Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spirit guides.

I had a insightful talk with James Malcolm the other day in my car.

For those of you who are new to the blog...James Malcolm is one of spirit guides. He's the main one I guess you could say. He takes the lead and the others let him believe he's in charge ;)

The main four who come and go the most are James Malcolm an 1800's author.
Katherine. A Victorian lady. Who has a streak of Independence who won't take shit from anyone.
Victory Housen. She is a civil war lady from 1867 Vicksburg. I've searched and searched for any record of her, she's tells me takes and places, how to pronounce her last name. "It's like the city, but without the t." She says in a deep accent. (Houston).
And then there is Paul my gay boy who loves Abba and Queen. I feel very 1980's to me. Maybe I picked him up in my disco days. lol. I have no idea about him. He could possibly be a ghost though.

So, I'm driving in the pouring rain the other day. Traffic was heavy, people acted like they had never driven in rain before. Slamming on brakes, sliding, jamming, just being horrible. When I suddenly felt James Malcolm touch my arm and he said..."Careful chèrie" in a deep french accent. He doesn't have a french accent. I started to comment on this when everything around me went into slow motion for just a moment. I was careful to look around me. Notice if anyone was coming towards me or what. Then it was gone. And all was back to normal. If you can call any of this normal.
"So what's with the French accent? something new?" he laughed and stated. "Old, new, isn't it all the same Cherie?" "For you, I suppose." I drove on. I asked what the slowing of time around me meant. And he offhandedly stated that I was moving to fast. That I needed to slow down a few seconds. That gave me goosebumps. I wondered if I hadn't slowed down If I had maybe been heading for an accident. I offhandedly said "If you are so concerned about me all of the time then why did you just stand back and let me marry Tom all those years ago?" (my husband).
He didn't answer for a few seconds then said. "You've always believed that YOU needed him to complete you. To pay back a debt to finish some karmic crap. This isn't true. HE needed YOU and the kids to complete his journey." I was floored. It knocked the air right out of me. I had never ever thought about it like that. "You and the kids give him what he needs to complete this lifetime. Not the other way around. And while we are on this subject...your children needed something he had to give to them to make them more grounded."
I thought about this for a few moments. "I guess I'm not the easiest person to live with." He laughed again. "Ya think?. Tom was once a good man. He's gotten off his path. Life has gotten in his way. But there isn't anything you can do for him. He has to figure it out."

I have to tell ya. I was floored. I had always felt that he was in my life for me to make amends for something. That his path was needed for me to complete my journey. Not the other way around. But I can see what James was talking about the kids. All three are coming into their own psychic abilities. The oldest has always dreamt. The middle just recently has begun to meet her own guides. All three have always seen ghosts. Not unusual for one of them to open the laundry room door, throw in clothes, close the door and say "Theres a man in the laundry room." lol. So, casually.
The youngest is always asking questions. And pointing out things in the windows and barns.

Just another day in our strange little lives. I feel sorta bad for my son in law. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he married my daughter. lol. But he's gotten used it. I think.

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